How we make our soap

Our beautiful organic soaps are hand-made in Shaftesbury, Dorset, in small batches to a unique traditional recipe which make them creamy lathering, ultra gentle and long lasting. We use only the finest organic vegetable oils from cold pressed organic Sunflower oil and Olive oils to unrefined organic Cocoa butter as the basis of our recipe. We don't use Palm oil due to the mass destruction of the rain forest it causes to grow it. Nor do we use any artificial colours or preservatives in our soap, just a touch of natural vitamin E from Sunflowers to keep each bar at its best.

Our soaps are scented with beautiful organic essential oils and lots of them, so they smell wonderful right down to the last little bit. The ancient cold pressed method of soap making means each bar once made, cut and stamped is cured in beech apple racks for up to six weeks while their pH reduces and they harden and this makes each bar a very special labour of love.

The cold process methods also mean each bar retains its natural vegetable glycerine, created when the oils react with the lye in the making process. This is often removed in commercial soaps and sold as a by-product. The natural glycerine in our organic soaps keep moisture in your skin and makes a waxy soap that does not crack or crumble.

Sustainability and fair trade

We take sustainability and fair trade in the sourcing of plant ingredients very seriously, because if we take more than we give we know there is no future. Our knowledge of plants and their medicinal and emotional benefits means that each bar has something unique to offer, wonderful for your skin and a joy to your senses every time you use them.

We love to support our British grown producers providing us with Beautiful English Lavender and Chamomile oils and the richest Dorset honey. We also actively support the charity Plantlife (see our Plantlife page) for their work to protect and preserve British wild plants and their habitats for future generations.