Made by Hand

We really do make everything by hand with knowledge and care in small batches and hand pour into bottles and jars. We believe the love we put into creating our products transfers to you when you use them and its something very true and special about these good intentions and creating something for someone else's enjoyment and benefit, it's what makes us find what we do so rewarding and worth while. So know every time you use our products not only do they have some very special ingredients they have been made for you with love from us!

Sustainability and fair trade

We take sustainability and fair trade in the sourcing of plant ingredients very seriously, because if we take more than we give we know there is no future. Our knowledge of plants and their medicinal and emotional benefits means that each product has something unique to offer, wonderful for your skin and a joy to your senses every time you use them.

We love to support our British grown producers providing us with Beautiful English Lavender and Chamomile oils and British grown certified organic oat flour amongst others. We also actively support the charity Plantlife (see our Supporting Plants page) for their work to protect and preserve British wild plants and their habitats for future generations.