Cacao adzuki Polishing Multigrain Mask


A gorgeous skin polishing and deep cleansing porridge of Adzuki bean flour, White clay and English oatmeal to gently remove dull dead skin cells and draw away deep impurities. Special vitamin rich and antioxidant extracts of raw Cacao and Green tea rejuvenate the skin with every treatment.

Key ingredients - Adzuki bean flour- or old fashioned Japanese washing grains, the beans have a very long history of use as cleansers, they contain natural saponins among many other ingredients which efficiently but gently lift off deep impurities and dead skin cells from the skin. Our beans are milled to a particle size to provide a little gentle mechanical exfoliation without being harsh in anyway.

Bentonite clay (White clay) - a gentle drawing medium to get dirt from deep within pores and tone the skin
English Oatmeal- Oats grown organically in the north of England, soothes comforts and conditions the skin as well as providing a gentle exfoliating action with the grain.

Raw Cacao- gorgeously chocolaty, the untreated organic cacao is full of vitamins and minerals giving a rejuvenating and antioxidant action on the skin as well as smelling delicious.
Green Tea- Super antioxidant and skin toning in action.

Directions- Place a heaped teaspoon of grains in your palm or little container and just add a little water to make into a soft paste, massage gently into clean skin leaving it to do its magic for a couple of minutes, use once a week for naturally clear beautiful skin.

I never know whether to use this on my face or eat it when I'm making it, I guess you could do both, but it's definitely only made for your face! The scent of Adzuki beans take me back to my childhood and making face masks, it started pretty young. There is something quite lovely too about knowing the Oatmeal as it goes into the mix is grown and milled organically in the UK by people who also really care about their product, I can't help but feel all that goodness must pass onto you when you use them. We hope you love this facial exfoliating porridge mask as much as we do!

Certified organic by the Soil association
*100% natural origin
*91% organic of total

Ingredients: Phaseolus angularis (Adzuki) bean powder*, Theobroma cacao (Raw Cacao) powder*, Bentonite Clay, Avena sativa (English Oat) kernel flour*, Camellia senensis (Green Tea) leaf powder*. (*from organic agriculture) Keep ingredients dry at all times. 100ge