Our Story

Enchanted Plants started from my personal love of plants since childhood and their endless potential for improving our health and well being. My mother and grandfather were passionate gardeners and I grew up with a firm understanding of that special relationship between plants and people. After completing a degree in Health Science and Medicinal Plants at Westminster University in London in 2002 with a specialism in treating skin conditions I returned home to my roots in the country and started the company based in Dorset, in 2006. We create beautiful, artisan natural and organic skincare and soap using my knowledge of plants and the finest ingredients, crafting them into unique beneficial blends for naturally beautiful and healthy skin. I think of everything we make as a celebration of the properties of plants and flowers and a means by which we can all benefit from their magic every day. X Jemma

As a Medical Herbalist, I blend our specialist plant-based ingredients into formulas for their natural benefits to the skin and body but also to support our overall well-being. Great care is taken in sourcing the highest quality, vibrant plant ingredients for our products and as much care in making sure the ingredients are organically grown ethical and from a responsible source*, in terms of fair trade and sustainability. I love British grown ingredients. They have a special quality to them and we source as many as we can for the beauty and heritage they give our products. Last year we started a project to grow a facial oil from scratch here in Dorset experimenting with the freshest ingredients has truly been an education for us and our skincare. Each recipe we make is independently assessed to comply to the highest standard of the 2013 European Union Cosmetic Safety Regulations and manufacturing good practice.

We never use any artificial colours or fragrances in our products as we believe nature does a far better job of making those; nor do we ever use any ingredients that have been tested on animals. We preserve our products naturally with a non-GM Soya derived vitamin E and other plant-derived ingredients. Our facial skincare products are hand blended and hand poured one by one with care so each product you receive has had the love it deserves which we hope transfers to you when you use them.
The soap bars are also made by hand to our unique, old fashioned recipe and hand stamped with our logo. After taking up to six weeks to cure, our scented soaps are then wrapped by hand in recycled paper and labeled with vegetable ink print and are a long-lasting joy to use every day.

Our first Enchanted Plants shop opened in Swans Yard, Shaftesbury, Dorset in July 2007 and we moved to a high street shop at 6 The Commons, Shaftesbury, Dorset in 3013. In mid-2019 with the birth of my second daughter, we are delighted to be hosted in the Wonderful Shop 'Willow' in Shaftesbury where we host our whole range. We are looking forward to developing Enchanted Plants into a blossoming artisan and locally homegrown skincare company in the years to come.
We hope you enjoy the products as much as we love making them.

Jemma Ricketts - BSc (Hons) Health Science/Medicinal Plants x