Our Story

Our Story

Enchanted Plants began over 15 years ago after our founder Jemma completed her degree in Health Science, Medicinal Plants. She has had a life long love of plants, wildlife, and nature that grew into a passion for the special herbalist relationship of connecting plants and people. Jemma uses natural skincare to highlight the remarkable ways plants can improve our health and well being.

The core value of Jemma's vision was, and still is, to formulate effective and simple, skin-supporting soaps and skincare products, for use on all skin types, even the most sensitive of skins.

In 2018 inspired by the beautiful quality of herbs produced on a local farm Jemma created a facial oil using only local ingredients. She discovered the nutrient and quality difference, between off-the-shelf ingredients, and oils cold pressed fresh from local harvests, brought little contest. The ingredients felt almost alive on the skin. The quality and vibrancy of the new products shone with skincare benefits Jemma had not observed before.

Enchanted Plants is now concentrating our new formulas solely on British grown and local ingredients, creating a whole range of seasonal skincare and soap using the freshest British produce.

Alongside the clear skincare benefits, we champion the benefits for the planet, reducing our carbon footprint at all possible turns in the local fabrication of our skincare range. Our British ingredients are processed locally in environmentally conscious ways, removing the need to use ingredients transported from vast distances, avoiding all associated environmental costs.

Enchanted Plants offers you a better choice for your skin, a choice more beautiful for us, for the planet and for our communities.

Jemma Ricketts
BSc (Hons) Health Science/Medicinal Plants