Britain in Bloom Soap Gift


*The gift of three of our gorgeous new handmade soaps scented and infused with British grown
herbs and oils*
English Rose and Rosehip Soap 55ge
A beautiful soap with special ingredients including English Rose water, home
grown Rosehips, and local Rapeseed oil to nourish the skin; with a delicious scent
combination of English Rosemary and French Geranium oils. Nourishing and Rosy.
English Chamomile and Oat Soap 55ge
A delicate layer soap with infused homegrown Chamomile herb, and English grown
Chamomile oil, and the calming extract of English Oats, perfect for delicate skin.
Double English Lavender Soap 55ge
A powerful restoring Lavender soap with home grown Lavender crumb and English
Lavender oil, double scented and supported by the strength of infused Sage and
Rosemary extracts. A real pick me up.
Packaged in a recycled gift box and tided with a British Linen Bow.