Dorset Flowers Sea Salt Bath


As another example of our passion for local produce in our skincare, I'm delighted to re-launch our ever-popular Bath Salts, now using lovely artisan local suppliers, where the highest quality and craftsmanship make sense for our customers and the environment.

Let the beautiful Dorset coast nourish your skin in every bath, an unscented bath soak with mineral-rich Dorset sea salt harvested in Portland and soothing flowers and herbs grown in the Dorset countryside, this really is a beautifully comforting, natural and local treat perfect for skin sensitive to essential oils

Directions: Pour a heaped dessert spoon amount of the salts into warm running water, also makes a wonderful cleansing foot soak for those without a bath.
This pack contains 230g enough for on average 6 baths.

Ingredients: Maris sal (Dorset Sea Salt), Calendula officinalis (Dorset marigold) petals, Centaurea cyanus (Dorset Cornflower) petals, Rosa damacena (Dorset Damask rose) petals, Packaged in a cellulose bio bag and Cotton bag